Words Have Power

By Seimi Rowan

I have a big announcement everyone. Apologies for the long post, but I’m really making a big change in my life. Please read the whole thing.

I’ve decided not only to stop being an activist, but also that being vegan isn’t for me. As a logical, compassionate person, I can’t condone veganism anymore.

I’ve been educating myself and have realised something. An industry which breeds, confines, exploits and prematurely kills at least 56 billion sentient land animals (and countless marine animals) every year; is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction (and many more); and offers products which directly promote our biggest killers such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes (and many more); is completely necessary, and is exactly the kind of industry I want to fund.

I’ve been watching slaughterhouse footage and have realised that if I respect another sentient being’s right to life, the best thing to do is to pay to have them killed. I acknowledge that shooting a metal bolt into someone’s brain and slitting their throat is definitely compatible with the term ‘humane’.

I’ve found out that paying for dairy means I willingly fund the forcible impregnation of mothers, theft and murder (96,000 male dairy calves in the UK per year) of their babies and their milking until they are so exhausted they have to be slaughtered for my burger (half of UK beef comes from ‘spent’ dairy cows). I’ve also found out that paying for eggs means I fund the live suffocation or grinding up of 40 million one-day-old male chicks in the UK each year because they’re a waste product… And I’m fine with that.

I’ve realised that the fact that I see these animals as being different because of my culture, tradition or religion means I can and should pay for their suffering. This means that I also condone homophobia, racism and sexism because I’m a straight white man and I recognise that oppression is cool as long as I was born in the right place, or my family have been doing it for decades, or someone justifies it in a book.

I’m completely sure that terms such as ‘free-range’, ‘organic’, ‘local’ or ‘ethical’ are not marketing terms designed to sooth my conscience which mean absolutely nothing for animals, who must still be exploited and die for my meal. I don’t believe companies have a vested interest in my purchases, and know that they couldn’t simply lie in order to encourage my loyalty to their products.

I’m sick of these preachy vegans who don’t respect my personal choice. If I want to eat animals and their products, I should – it doesn’t matter whether the animal has a personal choice to avoid suffering and death. If I want to forcibly breed a dog into existence, raise it for 6 months (standard slaughter age for a pig) and then pay someone to kill it, it’s not animal abuse, because I chose for it to happen.

I’ve been observing nature and I’ve concluded that because lions are obligate carnivores who must hunt and eat other animals raw to survive, I must hunt plastic-wrapped dismembered animals in my local supermarket and cook them thoroughly, regardless of the multitude of other options which I can thrive on. I would also definitely condone sniffing each other’s butts and killing other people’s children because lions do this. I think that wild animals, who have no sense of moral agency, are a good place to look for lessons in morality.

If I was walking down the street and I saw someone beating a piglet to death with a metal pole (as happens in RSPCA-approved farms), I would simply walk on by, because although they’re the same as me in that they experience pain and want to live, I’m more intelligent than them and I cannot understand their communication. This means I would do the same if someone was beating a child or a foreign person.

If I was driving along and a chicken jumped out in front of my car, I would definitely not swerve onto the grass to avoid it because plants absolutely feel pain even though they have no brain or central nervous system. I find it really disturbing when people chop onions or boil carrots in front of me. I really care about plants, even though eating animals means I pay to kill many times more plants than if I simply ate plants, as I have to feed the animals I want to eat.

I’ve realised that although every single nutrient I gain from eating animals originally comes from the plants themselves, I should eat the animal-processed versions which have the added bonuses of saturated fats, cholesterol and many other things which cause problems in my body.

Basically, I’ve decided that my fleeting sensory pleasure is worth more than an animal’s entire existence, the survival of my environment and my own health.

I’m sorry to my vegan friends. I hope you understand. 💚


This was written and posted on Facebook on April 1st 2018 by Seimi Rowan; an amazing vegan/animal rights activist. The post was an April Fools! It was so much more than an April Fools though; his words are so powerful and they really make you think about what we as humans are doing on this planet? Very very powerful words. 

Thanks to Seimi for agreeing to allow us to share his words with you.

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