What We Do

Bohemian Hippy is independent, ran by one woman with a passion for the vegan lifestyle rather than a corporation that’s trying to make a profit- it’s a site created by one person who’s looking to create an interactive social environment for vegans, vegetarians and those living an ethically and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

At Bohemian Hippy we want to give something back through our site and from the generosity of all of our visitors, so we donate 10% of all of the proceeds from the merchandise on our website to Animal Aid. Not only does this mean that our products benefit a worthy animal rights group who do outstanding work, it means that while spreading the message you’re doing good for the animals too!

Friendship & Dating

We know through our own research that most of us living a green lifestyle want to find others who share the same philosophies in life. It is a challenge to share a life and experiences with someone who doesn’t appreciate the importance of animal rights. We want to create a network of individuals all around the UK to share their experiences, their knowledge and their positive energy with one another – which is why we created Bohemian Hippy!

Travel & Lifestyle

Bohemian Hippy is also an interactive space whereby anyone who finds great vegan places can share this information and it will be added to the site to share with the community. Restaurants, cafes, bars, markets, shops, sanctuaries, festivals etc. can all be added for your information. So let us know the next time you visit a great vegan place in the UK.

Vegan-friendly Shop

The Bohemian Hippy store sells everything you need to communicate your beliefs and values, from everyday gym and fitness wear, t-shirts, hoodies, and homeware. If there’s something in particular you would like made, let us know and we will endeavour to meet your wishes. [/kleo_one_third]