Vegan News UK: Vegan Runs for 24 Hours for Sanctuary in Edinburgh 24 Race

the By Alison Myles

Edinburgh 24 Race 2019 – Vegan Runners UK

We are so grateful and absolutely delighted & honoured to announce that the amazing UK vegan runner Marek Sabadasz is running an endurance race in aid of Lotus Heart Sanctuary  – (sponsor him here)

This race is not just any race though… this is Edinburgh’s first 24 hour endurance event on July 13th 2019. It’s called Edinburgh 24 and is promoted by Breaking Strain Events.

Over a 24-hour period, runners will complete as many laps of the looped route as physically possible. It starts at 09.00 on Saturday morning and finishes at 09.00 on the Sunday morning.

Competing in Edinburgh 24 is an astonishing feat its own right, but it is made all the more poignant by Marek’s outstanding journey to veganism and vegan running; he went vegan just over two years ago.

Journey to Veganism

Marek grew up on a farm in Poland where animal products were the bulk of his diet, and being around the animals themselves was part of his day to day life.

Due to a heart problem and high blood pressure Marek found himself hospitalised at the tender age of just 17. Doctors prescribed him medication and delivered the gloomy outlook that he must remain on meds for the rest of his life and would be unlikely to take part in much physical activity!

Marek & Annette at The Vegan Market @ The Barra’s Art & Design Centre – Glasgow


He was considerably over-weight and was facing a long unhealthy existence. This was a very different outlook on life to what Marek had anticipated; he was seventeen and had been handed a life sentence of ill health and medication.  Without delay Marek decided to take charge of his own health and began to look at how he could turn his life around!

When he met up with Annette 2 weeks ago at the Vegan Market in the Barra’s Art & Design Centre in Glasgow, she found him to be very inspiring as he told her –

‘’life is a gift and we should do everything to enjoy that gift; we have no right to take it away’’.

Plant-Based for Health, Vegan for The Animals – 

Marek’s belief of taking care of his own health began to extend to thinking about other beings.  His sister had been vegan for many years, and he became inspired not only by her diet, but by her compassion. First of all Marek began to look at his own diet and decided to make the switch from omnivorous to a healthy plant-based diet. He made the decision to plant-based for health, and be fully vegan for the animals. That’s the motto he now lives by – “plant-based for health, vegan for the animals”

Dispel The Myth…

Like many vegan athletes and bodybuilders, Marek wanted to prove to friends and family that he could have a very physical life, both in work and sport without consuming any animal products. Some of the strongest animals on earth are herbivores – plants do have all the protein we need to be fit, healthy & strong, and to build muscle, but most non-vegans are not convinced. So Marek set himself the task of being part of the proof that would dispel that ridiculous myth that humans require animal protein to thrive. (read more about that here )

From Strength to Strength 

Marek moved to Scotland in 2006, now 37 he lives happily here with his family, trains hard every day also does a very physical day- job in construction.

Two years ago, he signed up for his first marathon, which he completed in 4 hours! Buoyed by his success, he immediately signed up for his first Ultra Run; a 24 hour endurance run! Family & friends thought Marek was a tad ambitious after only having ever completed one marathon previously.  However, he started training and changed his already healthy vegan diet to a ‘raw vegan diet’. 

Within his own mind Marek really hoped to finish in the first 10, while thinking he could only dream of a place in the first 5! However, with positive thinking and lots of effort he managed to secure an amazing 3rd place with a score of 173km.

Running For The Animals

Here at Lotus Heart Sanctuary we are honoured that Marek has chosen to represent us in his next event. We are working hard rescuing animals and preparing to open the sanctuary; all the support we receive and every penny that is donated is greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

Please show support for this incredible vegan athlete and for the animals at Lotus, by sharing this story & Marek’s fundraiser and/or donating via the link below ~ no amount is too small and all help is greatly appreciated.

You can also support us and help the animals by purchasing products from our 100% NOT-FOR-PROFIT shop like the shirt Marek has on in the main picture of one of totally exclusive designs – “Train Like A Plant Based Beast”! Every product we sell carries an important message – every penny is donated to Lotus!Thank you.

Thanks to Annette Ashton, Alison Myles, and of course the adorable Marek for putting this together and making this happen!