Vegan News UK: Bohemian Hippy’s Vegan Animal Sanctuary Dream Takes A Step Forward!

Vegan News UK

This week, Bohemian Hippy’s dream of opening a safe, vegan, space for rescued animals took a huge step forward, as we raised an incredible £1439.99!

It’s an astounding figure, and one that brings us a lot closer to the £200,000 target amount that’s needed to make the Lotus Animal Sanctuary a reality. It’s nice to be able to share such good vegan news UK, and we can’t wait to get started on rescuing and re-homing these beautiful, amazing creatures.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the people of Scotland, who came together from across the whole country to donate this week as part of a special day of events hosted by our friends at The Tartan Carrot.

There were so many brilliant and inspiring businesses and people that we wish the event could have gone on longer. Joining us to boost awareness and share their wares were Face Plant Foods and The Intrepid Vegan, both plant-based food gurus, and the vegan bakers at Seeds for the Soul. Meanwhile there was facepainting for the whole family from Tini Designs, and Ester Stevenson gave an information session on her hollistic treatments.

Alan Urquhart launched his new vegan catering venture The Intrepid Vegan and his food was just so delicious and very popular.  There was loads more, too many to list here; we are confident that everyone reslly enjoyed sampling their goods. 

There was also a number of lifestyle sessions to take pert in, and each practitioner gave their time for free, an amazing gesture that we  massively appreciate. As well as plant-based cookery courses and cooking classes from  Super Nourished’s Jayne Totty, there was also a number of yoga and wellbeing classes.

We want to make well-being a part of the Lotus Animal Sanctuary, so needless to say these sessions provided a really energising boost. Massive thank you to Carlo Ferroni from Yoga with Carlo as this is his third event to support and raise money for Lotus this year.

It really was great to see so many people from the vegan news UK community together in one space, especially as they were supporting Lotus Animal Sanctuary.

The cause that Lotus Animal Sanctuary represents is so dear to us, so close to our hearts, that it’s uplifting to receive such wonderful support. Our hope is that, once established, Lotus Animal Sanctuary will not only provide a safe haven for animals who would otherwise be discarded by the system, but also to challenge and rebuild people’s perceptions of these animals as merely a source of food and materials.

At Lotus Animal Sanctuary, the animals we rescue will be allowed to lead the life they deserve, and show visitors that they are every bit as loving, funny, and unique as the animals that we take into our homes as pets every single day.

By getting up close and personal with the animals, we know that children and adults alike will be able to see for themselves that they are all “someone” with friends, family and personalities, a far cry from the food and materials they’re exploited for. We’ll also be providing vegan news UK leaflets and general information about leading a cruelty-free and compassionate lifestyle, as well as the effects that animal agriculture has had on the environment and world hunger.

We’re still a ways off from being able to open the Lotus Animal Sanctuary, but thanks to the team at The Tartan Carrot and all the businesses who joined us last week we’re closer than ever before.

To find out more about how you can get involved with the Lotus Animal Sanctuary, please visit