Treat the vegans in your life with the best vegan Merchandise UK!

Searching for Vegan Merchandise UK? Bohemian Hippy is passionate about spreading positive messages, and what better way than with UK made vegan merchandise; allowing you to stand up  and speak out every time you get dressed.

We know how tough it is to find clothes that are made responsibly and ethically, whether for yourself, or other vegans in your life. We decided to take matters into our own hands, and now online shop is full of some of the best vegan merchandise UK, if we do say so ourselves. From T Shirts t sweatshirts, you’ll find ethically made clobber in every colour under the sun. We’re always looking to develop our designs too, so if you have an idea for a bespoke style, just get in touch and we’ll make something special up just for you. We are delighted  to cater for the entire family, including vegan/activist babies & toddlers, children, teenagers, men & women.

Now there’s a common assumption that to be vegan is to be weak, and we refuse to let it go. We’re fit, we’re strong, and we like to lift, stretch and run as much as any meat eater. Our vegan sportswear will allow you to perform, as well as shout loud and proud about your lifestyle, proving any naysayers wrong. Clothing aside, we have a range of bags, coasters and other bits and bobs, which make great stocking filers.

Now, it’s important to know that any purchase you make, is going to make a difference. Our products are completely not for profit, with all proceeds going to our passion project, Lotus Animal Sanctuary. Our aim is to provide a safe space for animals that have fallen victim of the dairy trade, and sales of our vegan merchandise will help make that happen. So far, we’ve rescued a few dairy calves otherwise destined for slaughter, but so many more await the same fate. Through Lotus Animal Sanctuary, we want to develop relationships between animals and people, creating understanding and empathy.

To shop a huge range of vegan merchandise UK, and offer support and security to ‘food’ animals, take a look at our online store now!