Vegan Merchandise UK | Be On Trend With Bohemian Hippy

Vegan Merchandise UK | Be On Trend With Bohemian Hippy

If you’re a vegan like us, you’ll like to proudly show off your veganism any chance you get. You’ll also know how hard it is to find amazing and unique vegan merchandise in the UK, whether you’re buying for a cruelty-free loved one or yourself. Vegans deserve cool clothes and homeware that show their commitment to helping animals, and that’s where Bohemian Hippy comes in.

At the Bohemian Hippy webstore, you can find a unique range of vegan merchandise in the UK, including exclusive designs and bespoke products, including t-shirts, hoodies, bags and active wear. And what’s better than buying vegan merchandise in the UK? Well, how about the fact that profits from the sales we make are going to help us to build and maintain the Lotus Animal Sanctuary?

Buying from Bohemian Hippy doesn’t just support us, it also helps to care for rescued animals. Once completed, the Lotus Animal Sanctuary will not only provide a safe haven for animals such as male calves that are rescued from the cruel dairy trade but will also allow the public to get up close and personal with these beautiful souls.

If we can show our visitors how gentle and caring these animals are whilst providing information on animal rights and the effect that animal farming has had on the environment, then we believe that we can help lead more people toward a cruelty-free, compassionate lifestyle that lets animals live as they were intended without being used for food and manufacture.

For now, though, our focus is on selling the very best and latest vegan merchandise in the UK for all the cruelty-free and fashion conscious herbivores. Here are just a few of the awesome vegan products available from Bohemian Hippy right now:

We Are Not Ingredients Hoodie

Available in a variety of colours to demonstrate an issue that is itself black and white, we’re sure that you will love our We Are Not Ingredients hoodie. Animals are living creatures, not ingredients, and you can make your point to passers by with this striking and warm hoodie top. The design is stylish and the hoodie is comfortable. What more could you want from vegan merchandise in the UK?


Vegan Power Ringer T-Shirt

Want to make a real impression that leaves no questions about your love and support of animals? If so, the Vegan Power shirt is the one for you. Featuring a Rabbit and crossed carrots design, the vegan power shirt is daring and bold, as well as being cool as hell. The ringer style shirt makes the design pop even more.


Vegan tote bags

A simple yet effective design adorns our vegan tote bag. It’s certainly eye-catching, if we do say so ourselves, and will carry a great deal of shopping and everyday essentials whilst also informing everyone around you that you live your best life as a meat-free, cruelty-free, vegan crusader.


For more of the best vegan merchandise in the UK, including active wear and accessories, please visit the Bohemian Hippy website today.