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LJ015Hello and welcome to Bohemian Hippy!

My name is Lynn, and I decided in 2015 to create a website to help cater for vegans & activists who wanted to have access to vegan products. Bohemian Hippy means so much to me; it’s a lifelong passion and a belief in living ethically and morally on the planet with respect and love for all beings. Every single item we sell is 100% NOT-FOR-PROFIT – all money raised is donated to Lotus Sanctuary.

There is so much more to the veganism than just diet. Many people still think veganism is just about removing animals from what we eat & drink, but it’s about not eating, wearing, abusing, using, experimenting on or using animals for entertainment in any way at all. Veganism is a lifestyle and an entire way of life, and it’s my way of life and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. My journey started as a vegetarian; as a child my father mistakenly made me realise that there was a connection between the meat on my plate and the animals I loved so much who were bounding around in the fields nearby; following that connection and trying to get me to eat meat became an ongoing struggle in our house.

My Mum says that even as a toddler I had a complete obsession with cows, she says that I became very vocal and animated, and for some reason had a fascination with their knees! The first pub I ever went into was called The Bees Knees, so I decided I wanted a business called The Cows Knees! Knowing someone was trying to force me to eat these animals just made no sense to me whatsoever…why would we eat them? I wouldn’t eat my dog, so why would I eat any animal? They’re all the same, they are no different!

Eventually, after much debate, I was allowed to remove meat from my diet. Later in life after educating myself about the horrors of the dairy and egg industry, I moved to veganism and would never turn back.

LJ056People have a misconception that living a vegan lifestyle is difficult, but once you begin, you wonder how you ever lived any other way! Of course there is a transitional phase, and it’s at that time that education and support are crucial.

I am grateful to have been given this opportunity to help others, and I wish resources like this, and amazing vegan merchandise had been around years ago! When I first started on my own journey, vegetarian diets were rarely catered for, far less vegan ones! But now, through activists and advocates raising awareness and the world wide web providing us access to more information, so much has changed; it’s now 2019 and someone said to me the other day ” Veganism is now as popular as gin”! We are aiming for a vegan world and we are heading in the right direction!

More About Bo Hip founder

I am an active peace/animal rights activist/campaigner and vegan advocate. I am always looking for new ways to promote the lifestyle to make it more accessible and appealing to non-vegans.

Back in 2014/2015 as part of my activism I began “vegan bodybuilding” – that is, strength training and building muscle without the need for animal protein – I was determined to challenge the misconception that we need animal protein to build muscle; people really do need to learn that plants have plenty of protein.

Lynn and Patrick Baboumian
Lynn and Patrick Baboumian

I was inspired to build muscle by many vegan bodybuilders/athletes like Mr Universe 2014 Barny du Plessis, Josie du Plessis, Laurel Fredette, Torre Washington, Robert Cheeke and strongman Patrik Baboumian who are all living proof that vegans are anything but weak; we definitely do not need to eat animal flesh or drink their secretions to build amazing muscles!”

I was trained with local Linwood body builder Craig McConnell, who opened his own gym called Believe Personal Training in New Street in Paisley.  Craig did amazing work with me constantly for over a year.

I would also like to express a special thanks to Robert Cheeke, the person who inspired me to even think about lifting and vegan bodybuilding and his book “Shred It” helped inspire me in more ways than one.

I have rescued a number of animals from slaughter who are now scattered around various sanctuaries in the UK, however, there was one in particular I didn’t let go and that was Prince, a young Friesian bullock who was the son of a dairy cow! Read his story here and follow him on social media.

Lotus is currently raising money and selling the vegan merchandise on this site to open an educational vegan sanctuary in Scotland.


The Vegan Revolution has begun!