One Year Safe: Our very own Prince The Bullock To Celebrate his Birthday in Style!

vegan merchandise help save animalsToday is a special day, people. For those of you who are connected and familiar with the strong vegan community we have here at Bohemian Hippy, then you would have heard of Prince. And guess what? Today marks the day that we managed to save him from slaughter!

And if that wasn’t big enough news, our special friend also turns three on Wednesday. This is a very big week for Prince indeed!

In celebration of his year of safety and his birthday, we thought it only right and fair to launch special t-shirts as a tribute to the great bullock himself.

We’ve made it our mission here at Bohemian Hippy to save many more beautiful animals like Prince and if you decide to buy this t-shirt, you’ll be directly helping to raise funds for Scotland’s first ever fully vegan animal sanctuary, Lotus.


The Story of Prince: The bullock we saved from the brink of murder

One of our biggest achievements to date is saving our friend Prince from slaughter. If we hadn’t of stepped in, this innocent, amazing, friendly and beautiful cow would have been eaten and worn by now and would be nothing other than a distant memory.

For those of you who don’t know about him, let’s do a wee backtrack so we can fill you in on his story.

Our thinking behind the Lotus Animal Sanctuary was born from our experiences with Prince.

Prince was the son of a dairy cow from slaughter and to have him saved took days, weeks and months of legal wrangling and effort.

We even had to register as a cattle keeper to legally make his safety a reality and after months of trials and tribulations, we finally managed to save him from a certain death and when he was delivered to his place of safety, he was aptly named Prince!

Speaking to the media at the time, Bohemian Hippy’s founder, Lynn Jolly said: “Prince and I formed an immediate bond when we first met.”

“Everyone who meets him falls in love with him; he has the personality to match any dog. He has the capacity to give and receive love and friendship both with other animals and with humans. He is loving, playful, affectionate, mischievous and extremely friendly and has the ability to feel pain and sadness just like you and I do!”

Rescuing a cow is easier said than done, however, on top of the legal rigmarole, other difficulties also emerged when it came to re-homing Prince; people’s perception of cattle.

“I met quite a bit of negativity from a number of people because he’s a bullock.

If he had been a dog, a cat, a pony or a horse he’d have been welcomed with open arms, but because only because of his species, he was perceived totally differently.

Prince is now living a happy and cruelty-free life, even fronting his own social media channels to help teach people about the beautiful beings cows are. Hopefully, Prince will be joined by many more animals once the sanctuary is established, but until then, Lynn is continuing to focus on the expansion of Bohemian Hippy and funding the sanctuary.

So, there you have it. One happy bullock and a life now full of love, tenderness, care and above all respect!

Happy Birthday Prince from all of us here at Bohemian Hippy World. You’re an inspiration and dearly loved by everyone who has been lucky enough to meet you.x