Mens ringer fitted royal blue ts £19.99

The Bohemian Hippy store sells not-for-profit ethically sourced clothing and merchandise printed in full vegan ink.

100% of profits are donated to Lotus Animal 

The store sells everything you need to communicate your beliefs and values, from everyday gym and fitness wear, t-shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise like coasters, tote bags, stickers etc. If there’s something in particular you would like made, let us know and we will endeavour to meet your wishes.

Bohemian Hippy believes in healthy bodies, healthy lives, a healthy world and spreading important messages.

Bohemian Hippy merchandise has been created proudly by Lynn, because she knows only too well that many vegans (including herself), want to carry positive messages with them wherever they go.

For the past 20 years Lynn has been a regular in the gym and yoga classes, but more recently she became very interested in Vegan bodybuilding, and in July 2015 she began training with a bodybuilder. Her routine involves cardio & lifting weights which results in building muscle and getting stronger. When she’s in the gym deadlifting, lifting dumbbells and barbells, it’s a time when she definitely wants to promote veganism, but finding vegan branded gym gear in a quality and style that suited was no easy task, so she decided to do it herself, and now she wants to share what she created with other fitness loving vegans.

Our messages are strong, clear and positive. Bohemian Hippy hopes that when these messages appear on clothing and merchandise they will inspire, motivate and make people think about living an ethically conscious lifestyle.



Profits from all sales will be donated to the funding of a fully vegan animal sanctuary in central Scotland.