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The mission in the lives of most animal rights activists is to educate people about the animals our society refers to as ‘food’ animals. To help achieve this goal, we are working hard to set up Lotus Heart Sanctuary: a safe haven for animals rescued from abuse and saved from slaughter.

Vegan v Non-Vegan

You might be wondering what sets a vegan sanctuary apart from a non-vegan sanctuary. In short, non-vegan sanctuaries are more specific about the animals they take in. They do not believe in rescuing animals from slaughter – their protocol is only to rescue animals who they consider to have been abused. A vegan sanctuary, on the other hand, will attempt to save all animals unconditionally. If they are unable to take them themselves, they will try to assist with finding forever homes elsewhere.

Make The Connection

Having ex-‘food’ animals in a sanctuary where people are able to visit and interact with them is hugely important in encouraging the public to see them for the sentient, emotional creatures that they are. As people rarely have immediate contact with cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and turkeys (in the way they do with cat

s and dogs) there is often no connection made between the animals as living sentient beings, and the bar-coded meat products their flesh becomes sold in every supermarket. Providing a platform for this kind of interaction will help adults and children to understand that these animals are just the same as the ones we share our homes with. These animals have an equivalent capacity to give and receive love; to form friendships with other animals and humans; to play; and to feel and experience the same wide range of emotions as we do ourselves.

Now, this mission is of particular importance to us at the moment, as the current goal is to save 1-2 day old calves from being shot. This barbaric treatment comes from males calves being seen as being surplus to requirements in the dairy industry. As a result, they are most often killed immediately after being taken from their mothers; if not, they’re slaughtered for veal at around 18-20 weeks old. It is imperative that these calves be taken to a fully vegan sanctuary, which will provide the care they do deserve.

So what will we offer?

Lotus Heart Sanctuary will not only be a safe haven for animals, it will be a sanctuary for humans too. There will be facilities offering holistic therapies, stress management, meditation and relaxation, with a view to providing yoga and counselling too. There will also be a shop selling animal rights/vegan merchandise (which is currently sold at to raise both awareness and money for animals and the sanctuary, The products will raise awareness because they carry important messages and images to make people thing and start conversations – look at some examples here

So, to summarise the sanctuary will be fully vegan and will be a safe haven for all animals living there. It will operate as a space in which to enlighten children, young people, and adults about these animals, alongside providing cohesive and important information about animal rights, the huge impact animal agriculture has on our environment and global warming, and about leading a compassionate and cruelty-free lifestyle.

The Only Difference is Human Perception 

Having rescued a number of animals and had significant interaction over the years with cows, pigs, sheep and goats – it is so clear to see that these beautiful creatures are no different to the companion animals we share our homes with.

Ultimately, everything comes down to perception – and this sanctuary will exist to challenge and rebuild the way we’ve been conditioned to view animals. Lotus wants to show & remind people of the beautiful sentient beings these creatures are.

World Wide Web

The sanctuary will not only cater for visitors, but will provide a webcam to live stream what the animals are up to so you can observe from the comfort of your home! We will also invite in groups to give talks (which will be available online); hold screenings of documentaries such as Cowspiracy, Earthlings, and Forks over Knives; and use iAnimal headsets to really allow people to view the lives of animals within a slaughterhouse. These events will highlight the stark contrast between sanctuaries and abattoirs and emphasise the real importance of saving ‘food’ animals.

All support is very much appreciated – please help us spread the word to turn our vision into a reality!

Support does not have to come in the form of finance, it can come in a variety of ways including being part of Team Lotus. If you would like to be involved and have something you would like to offer, please message Lotus on Facebook via or email

The First 3 Lotus Rescues


In Autumn 2016 we rescued our first farm animal. He was the two-year-old son of a dairy cow who was saved from slaughter. When he was born, he was taken from his mother and denied the milk her body had produced for him – simply so that his mothers milk could be stolen from her and used for human consumption. This adorable bullock was named Prince; he now lives safely with a herd of other cattle



Between Christmas and New Year, we helped to rescue two Highland cattle from slaughter. Their names were Berry and Bramble: a 19-year-old mother and her two-year-old son. Just as they were about to enter the food chain,  we received a phone call to ask if Lotus could help save them from being slaughtered and becoming food. A sanctuary was located  and transport for these 2 magnificent animals was arranged. We raised the money to transport  them within 3 days, and made the 15 hour round-trip with the transporters to rescue the cows and accompany them to their safe home at Little Rahane in Dunbartonshire.



In March 2017 the vegan daughter of a farmer in Castle Douglas contacted Lotus to see if there was anything which could be done to help a Jersey bull calf who had just been born at their farm.  Due to this calf being male, he was going to be shot in the head; male calves are “surplus to requirements” in the dairy industry because they cannot be turned into milking machines like their mothers and sisters, so they are normally either killed within a few days of being born, or they are raised for veal and killed around 18-20 weeks old. This young vegan girl had asked her father if they could keep this little boy, but he said absolutely not! Without hesitation I immediately said Lotus would take him, although at this point we had no land even for Prince far less any new additions, but I knew one way of another something could be worked out. After a few phone calls and emails to some sanctuary contacts in the UK, there was more than one YES to take this little boy!

Little Rahane in Helensburgh were the first to agree to take him. Everything was almost arranged for him, including transport, but then Hugletts (one of the other sanctuaries who had been contacted) were very keen to take this boy and so Wenda arranged to drive from East Sussex to Dumfries within 2 days to pick him up. So that’s where he is now and will live out the rest of his life there. We desperately tried to rescue his Mother too, but it was not to be, although it is not ruled out as a possibility for the future.

Since then we have rescued countless animals and will continue to do so for the rest of time.

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