Welcome to Bohemian Hippy, the go-to website for vegans!

Bohemian Hippy is a UK based website for vegans, environmentalists, activists or anyone just looking to dig a little deeper into an ethically conscious way of living. We like to think of ourselves as a network for vegans, and a place to share news, knowledge and resources to make vegan life as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

If this is your first foray onto a website for vegans, then perhaps you could venture across to our “Inspirational Vegans” page, where we share the stories of everyone from James Aspey, a cancer survivor who has dedicated his life to animal rights activism, through to legend Morrissey, the man who penned the lyrics to the iconic Meat Is Murder and probably one of the most famous activists in the world.

Everyone on here has somehow inspired Bohemian Hippy to get to where we are today, so if you’re wondering whether or not the vegan life is for you, these guys might be the ones to change your mind.

Whether you’re just getting started, or have established a fully vegan lifestyle, then our site will have something to help you on your journey. Our directory aims to offer as many options as possible, connecting you with all kinds of people from caterers, and restaurants right the way through to yoga teachers and childcare professionals, all of whom share our passion for sustainable, ethical living.

Of course, if there’s anyone we’re missing, please feel free t add any vegan/vegan friendly business, organisation, charity, group etc. It Is free of charge to use, and we’re constantly on the lookout to build our vegan networks, sharing as much love and awareness as we can.

We also share links to our favourite vegan blogs and recipes too, to help you connect with other likeminded people. If you would like to write a guest blog please email info@Bohemianhippy.com

Which brings us nicely onto clothes. No website for vegans would be complete without a full range of vegan merchandise, so we’re thrilled to offer a range of fair trade, ethically sourced, not for profit clothing for men, women & children.

Our T-shirts and hoodies come emblazoned with vegan slogans, though if there’s nothing on offer that takes your fancy, we’re happy to take orders for bespoke items, too. Not ones to do things by halves, we’ve also got some vegan branded work out gear, to help debunk any of the myths that vegans can’t, or won’t lift.

Most importantly though, all profits from our clothing sales are donated to Lotus Animal Sanctuary, a sanctuary that will be a safe haven for animals due to be slaughtered. The sanctuary aims to raise awareness, open eyes, and change perspectives on animal consumption.

Here at Bohemian Hippy, we aim to be the very best website for vegans, and to educate anyone looking to learn a little more about what veganism, activism, or ethical living means.