Fashion Costs The Earth

We Have Taken The Pledge – Will You?

In a few days’ time we will see the launch of Second Hand September; an initiative run by Oxfam to encourage people to rethink how and where they buy clothes. We decided to tale the pledge and we would encourage you to do the same! Sign up here NOW

For the FULL month of September we will NOT be buying or selling any new clothing. We will only sell second hand clothing and items we already have made up for stalls at the festivals we attend – but no orders for new clothing will be processed until October 1st.


How will it work?

Every day in September we will post the items we have for sale on our social media only – so please keep your eyes peeled. Each item will be unique and so will ONLY be available in that size, colour, design etc. If you want to purchase the items, you will simply make payment via our PayPal Me ( )– 100% proceeds will be donated to Lotus Heart Sanctuary. The items will be much cheaper than anything on our website.

In Fashion…

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world and it’s something that desperately needs to be addressed. Every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill. Throwaway fashion is putting increasing pressure on our planet and its people – it’s unsustainable, and we need to raise awareness so more people know what’s truly going on for our clothing.

The True Cost

If you haven’t already, please make it your point to watch The True Cost… I guarantee you will be shocked and will never look at companies like H&M, Top Shop, Nike, & Zara (to name but a few) again! WATCH The True Cost and you’ll never want to buy “fast fashion” again far less just for September! Help people and the planet – pledge to say no to new clothes for 30 days – it is not just a story about clothing; it’s about the clothes we wear, the choices we make and how those choices impact on the people who make them all over the world, and also about the absolute devastation fast fashion has on our planet and its inhabitants!



Also watch the documentary River Blue and learn how to NOT buy so much stuff we don’t need AND how to de-clutter your life watch Minimalism on Netflix. We MUST change how we live and stop being dictated to that we should wear what we are told to wear by fast fashion designers – we should not, we should wear what we what to wear, what we are comfortable in, what expresses our individuality and what is ethical and sustainable for our planet!

Be Original…

Please think about the whole process of the fast fashion industry.
Buying clothes from most high street retailers has a massive cost to so very many human lives and total devastation to our planet!

We can buy most clothes we need second-hand –  we can buy from places like charity shops, car boot sales, jumbles sales, FLIP Vintage American Clothing, The Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale, The Glasgow Vintage Company, The Glasgow Markets,
The Yesterday Society,  Vintage Boutique, eBay,  Gumtree UK – we will also get exactly the design we are looking for (for example I do not like skinny jeans for myself, I only like flares and there’s none in fast fashion stores, but I can get an abundance of them second-hand)!
We will save so much money and we will always get a bargain. 💡
I really am not a fan of shopping (to put it mildly) – I feel pretty uncomfortable in most high street stores, many consist of cruelty and exploitation and so they’re not really places where I would choose to spend my valuable time – so buying second-hand saves me from going into those shops while also buying responsibly, and often giving to charity – it’s a total win-win!

So why not give it a go for September? Sign up here – maybe if you could keep a diary and write a guest blog for us after you’ve finished a month of buying no new clothing? If you are interested just email with Guest Blog as your subject

Happy second hand shopping!