Cricket Scotland’s Dylan Budge on How He Became Vegan

Dylan Budge is yet another shining example of sheer vegan health and fitness.

Dylan has joined what’s now becoming a long list of athletes who have joined the Vgang!

Many of the other athletes have initially gone plant-based for health, then as they water that seed of compassion with every meal (normally a three times a day occurrence), that progresses from a plant-based diet to a vegan lifestyle. However, Dylan did it differently; he did it for the animals! He went vegetarian first, then shortly after he went vegan for the animals; once he was vegan then he began to consider how it would impact his health & fitness.

Dylan is 23 and plays cricket for Grange Cricket Club and also Scotland’s National Cricket Team. He made his debut for Scotland in a match against England on 10th June 2018.

We caught up with Dylan to find out more about his journey to veganism.

Introduce yourself to our readers Dylan

I’m Dylan Budge, I was raised in Bradford, Yorkshire and moved up Edinburgh when I was 21. I qualify to play for Scotland through my Father who was born in Edinburgh.

Dylan tell us about what made you go vegan

Growing up, I simply ate the food that my Mum put on the table and I really didn’t think too much about it. However, a couple of years ago when I was 21, a friend of mine cooked me a really amazing vegan meal; it was without doubt one of the best meals I’d ever had. This was the start of my journey towards veganism.

What was the meal and what made it so special Dylan?

I couldn’t tell you the exact ingredients as I didn’t make it, but it was vegan wraps with sweet potato, black beans, salad etc. It was the flavours though, they were intense, and I can just remember realising I had never tasted a meal before with such flavour before.

Where did your journey lead next Dylan?

After “that meal” I spent the following winter in New Zealand playing cricket and travelling. Whilst over there, I became friends with a farmer and I learnt a lot about the industry and about how the “food” that I ate was actually produced. I was totally shocked and I started to question everything I had been eating for the first twenty-one years of my life. From then on in, I ate a lot more vegetarian food but also actively started to educate myself so I could find out exactly what went on in the farming industry that was being hidden from us. As I researched I also began to fully realise the effect that the animal agriculture industry has on our environment. It was during this research and time of learning that I realised I wanted to become, not just vegetarian, but fully vegan. So upon my arrival back to England I made that change.

How did you find the transition?

Being a cricketer, I’d struggled a lot with injuries over recent years. I was intrigued to see how my body would deal with veganism; I wondered whether I’d feel the benefits that I knew many other athletes had felt. The results were amazing! Right from the start my body felt so much cleaner and overall just better, I no longer felt anywhere near as sore the day after playing as I had done before veganism, my recovery was much more efficient. I’ve been vegan now for just over eighteen months and haven’t had any of my old injuries recur.

Did you encounter any challenges? 

Not when I am at home, but I do find it tough sometimes when I’m away playing, especially if there aren’t many vegan options available at hotels or when travelling, but things are improving all the time as veganism becomes more mainstream. Some countries are amazing for veganism, and some are still really lagging behind.   I am also very lucky to have great support around me, and with the help of a nutritionist I’m starting to plan a lot better when it comes to being on tour.

Have you watched any of the vegan documentaries? If so, which ones and how did they impact on you?

Yes I watched Cowspiracy pretty early into my journey with veganism as I wanted to get a better understanding of what went on in the farming industry. It made me feel very sad to see what does actually go on and made me believe more in the idea of veganism; it motivated me to want to do more.  So with my ever growing interest in veganism and animal rights, I’ve been proud to officially support Lotus Heart Sanctuary and their work whilst playing cricket for Grange CC this year.

I’ve tried to read a lot about the topic from both sides of the argument to give me a better understanding when talking about veganism. I recently read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and that was a great insight into the health benefits of veganism.



Dylan’s Lotus T-shirt is available here – ALL our products are 100% NOT-FOR-PROFIT – every penny is donated to Lotus to rescue and care for animals. 

Thanks so much to Dylan for sharing his inspiring story with us  and thanks for representing Scotland in cricket as a Scottish vegan!


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