Why Bohemian Hippy Merchandise Will Save Animal Lives This Veganuary

As part of its commitment to the wonderful cause that is Veganuary, Bohemian Hippy, an online vegan merchandise stockist, has put to together a sample of its amazing and ethically sourced merchandise to help you do your bit in 2018.

At Bohemian Hippy, we understand how important it is to wear your message about veganism and animal rights, so we created a shop where you can find not-for-profit ethical clothing with full vegan ink.

Being vegan is a way of life and, as the good people over at Veganuary say, there are many reasons why people should go vegan in 2018. A way of living with compassion and care and a way of living that lets us eat all the delicious food that we like without having to harm or mistreat hundreds of thousands of innocent animals to do it. 

We’re very proud to be vegan here at Bohemian Hippy, and we’ll take any opportunity we get to shout about the benefits of being vegan for both humans and animals at any given opportunity, so we thank Veganuary for this amazing opportunity to shout about what we do!

We believe that the only downside to being vegan is that there simply isn’t enough vegan merchandise to let us shout about it properly. At Bohemian Hippy however, we’re on a mission to change that.

That’s why you will be met with a huge range of vegan merchandise when you visit the Bohemian Hippy webstore. We sell bespoke products, each featuring exclusive designs, slogans and patterns, so you can proudly display your vegan tendencies and look cool doing it.

Our t-shirts, sportswear, bags, and home products are sold not for profit. Instead of taking any money ourselves from the sale of our vegan merchandise UK, we’re putting it toward the foundation of Lotus Animal Sanctuary.

Lotus Animal Sanctuary has been a dream of ours at Bohemian Hippy for some time now, and will let us improve the lives of many animals and teach adults and children alike that animal agriculture is not how they were meant to live.

As well as providing a home for various animals, such as calves that are discarded by the cruel dairy industry, the Lotus Animal Sanctuary will give every visitor the chance to get up close and personal with these wonderful animals. That way, we can show the world how much love these animals can give, and that they are deserving of as much better quality of life.

If you agree with us and want to help make Lotus Animal Sanctuary a reality and really get on board with our friends over at Veganuary, why not rep your beliefs with some of Bohemian Hippy’s vegan merchandise? Here’s just a few of our most popular products which we hope will allow your to burst with vegan pride in 2018.

Tote Shoulder Bag – Peace Justice Vegan – One size 42x38cm

Our vegan tote bags are ideal for carrying the shopping, spare clothes or absolutely anything that you could need with you. Even better, our simple yet effective design jumps out from the bag’s front, leaving nobody in doubt that you are living your best meat and cruelty free life. Go you!



AWD Varsity Hoodie – Jet Black & Heather Grey – I’m Not Roast

Available in Black with a fire red or heath grey lining, Fire red with with black lining or in Grey with two eye catching lining options (Fire red or French Navy) our thought provoking I’m Not Roast hoodie can be yours for £33.99 and comes in sizes ranging from Small to Double XL.



Vegan Athlete Performance Shirt

One of the most frequent and irritating arguments against veganism is that humans are somehow supposed to eat meat to gain protein and stay strong. Of course, that’s just not the case, and you can show the world just how strong and healthy you are as you work out in our Vegan Athlete performance shirt.



Please note, this is just a wee sample of what we offer here at Bohemian Hippy. To explore our full store please visit www.bohemianhippy.com. Good luck for Veganuary people, we’re right behind you! Be vegan, be proud. With love, Bohemian Hippy x