About Bohemian Hippy

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Bohemian Hippy is one of the UK’s leading independent networking platforms for vegans, vegetarians, environmentalists and animal rights activists – anyone who lives an ethically conscious lifestyle- or who wants to learn about starting!

Bohemian Hippy is a support network for vegans and is full of love, compassion, knowledge, and guidance for everyone who’s interested in the vegan lifestyle, animal rights and the effect that animal agriculture and the treatment of animals has on our entire planet.

At Bohemian Hippy, we understand the potential challenges facing those who live a green life, so we created a space where you can find lasting connections, knowing that everyone shares your principles and beliefs.
IMG_9749Our ethos is to spread as much love, energy and awareness as we can, and with Bohemian Hippy, we have created a networking platform for everyone who shares our dream of a greener, more compassionate, and conscientious world.


If you need a networking website for vegans, vegetarians, animal rights activists and so much more, say hello to Bohemian Hippy!