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features text pledging to only sell second hand clothes in September

We decided to rerun our second hand campaign – so next month we will do Not New November!

Between November 1st and 30th we will sell second hand clothes & merchandise or items already produced for our festivals and in stock. Some items are as much as £12.50 less than our website.

Same rules and process as for Second Hand September – read blog for details – everything will be posted on Bohemian Hippy social media. This campaign will include greeting cards, tote bags, mugs, key rings and coasters.

Read more about Second Hand September on the blog

Please help us to have ear tags removed from UK sanctuary animals.

The most common question we receive from the public is regarding ID ear tags worn by farm animals.

If farm animals are removed from the “food chain system” and are living the rest of their lives on sanctuaries, they should be given the option to be microchipped for ID purposes and have their ear tags removed.

Please click here to sign & share the petition now –


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This fitness technical shirt is crafted from a lightweight Neoteric™ fabric to wick sweat away from your skin. It’s non-restrictive design makes it an essential for your active-wear wardrobe.

Available in male & female fit

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Milk Comes From Mothers


Lewis Beaton - Animal Rights March London 2018 - Image available on all our clothing & merchandise Photo by Simon Holding


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Lotus Heart Sanctuary


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The Bohemian Hippy store sells everything you need to communicate your message of peace, veganism, animal rights, environmental issues & world hunger.

We sell everything from gym & fitness gear to t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, mugs, coasters, key rings, clocks and greeting cards.

If there’s something in particular you would like custom made, let us know and we will endeavour to meet your wishes.

ALL our products are ethically sourced, printed in vegan ink & NOT-FOR-PROFIT – all profits donated to

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Bohemian Hippy is also a space whereby anyone who finds great vegan/vegan friendly places can share this information and it will be added to the site’s vegan directory.

Also any vegan/vegan friendly businesses, organisations, groups, charities etc. can add their own details to the directory FREE of charge!

The directory includes restaurants, cafes, bars, markets, shops, B&B’s, sanctuaries, tattooists, hairdressers, festivals etc.

Just add the info, and once it’s approved it will go live!


We share blogs on topics relating to our website – veganism, animal rights, our environment, peace, world hunger, health, holistic therapies, mental health & well-being and anything that helps people to help themselves and others.

If you want to write a guest blog for us, please email

Why UK animal sanctuary residents should have the option to be microchipped instead of ear tagged.

15/09/2019 Questions & Concerns The most common question and concern we receive from the public is regarding ID ear tags worn by sanctuary animals.   Many people naturally become very upset when seeing them in the ears of rescued animals not realising that in the U.K. tags are a LEGAL requirement. The ear tag number […]

Fashion Costs The Earth

We Have Taken The Pledge – Will You? In a few days’ time we will see the launch of Second Hand September; an initiative run by Oxfam to encourage people to rethink how and where they buy clothes. We decided to tale the pledge and we would encourage you to do the same! Sign up […]

Cricket Scotland’s Dylan Budge on How He Became Vegan

Dylan Budge is yet another shining example of sheer vegan health and fitness.  Dylan has joined what’s now becoming a long list of athletes who have joined the Vgang! Many of the other athletes have initially gone plant-based for health, then as they water that seed of compassion with every meal (normally a three times […]

Lotus Heart Sanctuary

 Profits from ALL sales will be donated to the funding of a fully vegan and educational sanctuary in Scotland for animals and people alike. 
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